Our Goals

  • Put a smile each day on the children faces
  • Provide each child three (3) square meals a day
  • Provide each child with uniforms and general clothing
  • Register each child on a first class medical insurance
  • Provide extra tuition where required
  • Ensure they have a great place to live
  • Provide computers with wifi so they can learn
  • Ensure they get into the best schools and pay for extra tuition
  • Provide a life coach to motivate and build up self esteem
  • Ensure that every child will live each day with no fear of the future

Our Objectives

  • Put a funding model in place with clear accountability by management (Orphanage controls no cash).
  • Create a scalable, repeatable management model that can be rolled out across Africa.
  • Raise sufficient funds ( to cover all capital and operational cost) through donations to the Orphanages in order to actualize our MTP.  Take over the monthly running cost to operate the Orphanage ensuring that each child and member of staff are adequately catered for.
  • Develop strong and lasting relationships with people globally, donors, partners, educational institutions, private sector corporations and government agencies. Collaboration is key to achieve great execution of our MTP.
  • Ensure staff and Service Providers have access to a solid learning platform. Education and training will drive Continuous Improvement.

Adinkrahene Foundation is seeking to raise the amount of USD 29,000 USD a month (Opex = Operational Expenses) to support One Orphanage with up to 50 children and 15 members of staff. One Organisation may take on this amount or several Organisations can pool together. A Capital expenditure (Capex) of $50.000 USD will be required to purchase computers, vehicles, air conditions, fans, beds etc., representing set up cost.

This will cover for the children:

Three (3) meals a day

Uniforms and general clothes

Transport fare to school

General clothing

School trips

Medical insurance

School fees

Holiday and recreational activities

Foster home fees for those we find a foster home for.

This will cover for the staff:

Staff salaries

Staff pensions

Transport allowance

Housing allowance

Medical insurance

Training budget


Team building activities

Trips to other Orphanages to learn